Friday, February 6, 2015


My first born baby boy. 
It seems like just yesterday I was cuddling a newborn...
The lament is always the same, isn't it?
Where does the time go?

All the days added into years.
Moments come and go, slipping by unnoticed.
And then a birthday. 
A new year. 
Indisputable. Time is passing, a boy growing big and strong.

A new number, worn proudly, excitedly.

A few days ago I sat in our doctor's office with Jake while he had his yearly check up and also some shots. He sat atop the pediatricians table with his shirt off, waiting to be checked, prodded and poked. And I watched him answering her questions with such maturity, confidence, and ease. "I know this is kind of random..." were his words to begin a particular answer to the doctor's question of him. 

Those are the moments that get you sometimes, eh? When your baby uses words like random or evidently in ordinary everyday conversation. You hear him speak and realize he's growing up before your eyes.

He sat on that table in the doctor's office and talked with his doctor, thoughtful while answering certain questions, grinning at me during certain answer. "I always eat my vegetables at school because my Mom says I can't eat my cookies until the vegis are gone. Most of the time I obey... I know, I know, she just wants me to be strong and healthy. But I can't do raw broccoli. What Mom? I can't! It's just so dry."

Then before his shots, one in each arm, he did something that was so typical Jake. He asked the nurse about ten highly detailed questions about the needle in order to delay the shot. Some kids fuss or cry. Jake asks questions. "Why can't they use a butterfly needle for this? Is the needle going into my muscle?" And on and on... 

His face was so serious. Eyebrows furrowed. 
It reminded me of my serious baby Jake. So often as a baby, his brows furrowed, seriousness etched across his features.  

But he sure does have a playful side, too. 

Yesterday he told me excitedly that one of his friends, a girl in his class at school, had agreed to bring him her wig that she owned at home (in exchange for a transformer), so that he could, "wear it like Slash and play my guitar like I'm in Guns N Roses." 

Dear Jake,

7 years old! Wow.

I'm sitting downstairs with your birthday presents stacked on the table, birthday pancakes ready to cook, and any minute now I'm going to hear your footsteps coming down the hall and down the stairs. And I know you'll be peering around the corner to glimpse what presents await you, but I'll be taking in the first sight of a brand new 7 year old boy. 

Jake, I can't even begin to describe to you how much your Daddy and I love you. 

From the first day we met you, back in Sleepy Hollow, New York...
And every day since...
You are growing into a kind, thoughtful, intelligent young man.

You bring such joy.
You make us laugh.
You are so interesting to talk with and go through life with.
You're a special guy, Jake Galotti.

We all love you so, so much.

And I just heard footsteps in the hallways which means that's my cue to shut this laptop... 

I can't wait to give you a big hug and wish you a happy birthday!