Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Since I've been recording life on this blog, every year on my kids' birthdays I'll do a quick birthday photo shoot and then write a few words about them on here. 

This year we'll be away on Josh's actual birthday. It's for the best of reasons (to celebrate a brother's wedding in California), and yet I still find myself sad that I'll miss watching this guy trudging down the stairs as a brand new six year old. He's not too worried about it, as his beloved Nana and Grandpa will be spending his birthday with him instead. 

Even though a couple days early, Josh and I hit up High Park together tonight and spent a few minutes recording his final days as a 5 year old. The hat, which is his Dad's, was all his idea. How could I say no? 

Dear Joshua,

I hope you have the most wonderful, happy birthday!
I think back to that first October 2nd when I met you...First fell in love with you...
It doesn't seem that long ago.
And yet here you are -- 6 years old!

Your Daddy and I love you so much, and we delight in the beautiful boy you are. Life without you, Josh, would not be nearly as good.
Thank you for loving us with such gusto, such joy.
Thank you for making us laugh.
Thank you for having such a tender, kind heart.

Happy Birthday, my almost six year old.
I love you.


This little guy is not quite six, but last weekend we had a few of his buddies over for a low key but festive Blue Jays Birthday party. 

Josh asked us if we thought Josh Donaldson would come to his party if we invited him. Donaldson is Josh's favourite--he claims it's because Donaldson is so good, but we suspect it could have something to do with them sharing the same name. :) 

It was a fun party and, maybe most importantly of all, our little guy felt loved and celebrated. 

Hey Josh,
If the Jays win the World Series this year, which they sure could, you can look back on this party and remember the year you celebrated them and then they won!
Go Jays Go!


The first month of school is almost done! Hard to believe. These pictures from earlier in the month bring me back to a special day. Our little one began Kindergarten, joining her brothers in the halls of Westminster Classical. 

It was a happy/sad day, to be honest. It has been each time a child has started school. I"m always so thankful to see them grow and to watch as they're excited to begin a new part of life. But like every parent I know, I ache a little bit too. She's growing. And changing. And what a blessing that is. 

Friday, September 18, 2015


The sunset swim may be the highlight, in some ways, but time spent just enjoying each other around a campfire, cooking meals over open flames, playing, swimming, relaxing... it's all pretty sweet and is an awesome way to end each summer.