Saturday, November 30, 2013


36 years old.

Another birthday. Another year gone by where we turn the pages of the twelve months past and see God’s grace at work in your life; another year where we can rejoice in His goodness and give thanks for His faithfulness.

It’s good to rejoice; it’s good to give thanks; it’s natural to do these things as I think about you.

There’s something indescribably sweet about a kid drawing a picture of their family when, in the picture, the child has drawn himself holding hands with his parent, huge smile on the faces of both. It’s almost as though the child is saying, “When I picture my life, when I draw something that makes me happy and that makes me smile, you’re in the picture. We’re together.”

That’s me when I picture my life. That’s what I’d draw. You and me, Justin. We’re together. We’re side by side. We’re holding hands. But in the picture I’d be smiling and crying at the same time because I’m overwhelmed by the grace that I’ve been shown. To be able to walk through this life at your side is a most precious gift.   

You are a servant, a leader, a man of integrity in every possible way.  

I’m thankful for your strength and your gentleness.
I’m thankful for your kindness and your encouragement.
I’m thankful for your love and your faithfulness.
I’m thankful for your leadership and your example.
I’m thankful for the love you show your sons and your baby girl.

But most of all, I’m thankful that you point me to Christ. Again and again, during times of joy and also sorrow, you gently, lovingly remind me to look to Him. That’s what I need more than anything.

Thank you for being my best friend, my husband, and my shepherd.

 You are loved.

Happy Birthday!


Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's one of the sweetest nights of the year. Christmas carols. Candlelight. The first night of twinkle lights throughout the house. Kids excited to hang decorations (that invariably need to be re-hung after they go to bed). Each year we pack away all the Christmas books in the holiday trunk, and this year the boys both had favorites that they were so excited to read.



Halloween 2013 was a rainy, overcast day. But for kids, the fun of dressing up, visiting neighbours, and getting candy isn't dampened by weather one tiny bit. In the morning, the my two handsome police officers headed off to school for their Halloween parties and their costume parade. My Mom and I took a certain adorable monarch butterfly to visit her Great-great Aunt Tibbie.

Later in the day we prepared for trick-or-treating, and then the kids enjoyed going around the neighbourhood, loading up their buckets with goodies.

"Trick or treat!"
 We managed to get a few pictures of our little butterfly playing in  some leaves in High Park. Like all good butterflies, she got a bit dirty. But it was worth it for the pictures. :)


Last month we were so thankful for a visit from Aunt Shosh, Uncle Adam, and the kids' beloved Newfoundland cousin, Jakson! It was a much anticipated visit, and it lived up to expectations.

One of life's joys is seeing my sisters love my little ones. I have one older sister, Shoshannah, and boy does she love her little nephews and niece. Ella spent a lot of time being cuddled by her aunt.

The boys played and played.

Uncle Adam is beloved because he loves to tease. (During our visit to the ROM, we had lunch in the bright, sunny cafeteria, and Adam kept teasing the kids that he was going to steal their food. A month later, the kids still laughingly mention that, "Uncle Adam better not eat all their food!"

Much to the delight of the three boys, the visit included many trips on subway trains and buses.

And of course no visit would be complete without at least a couple trips to the High Park Castle Playground.

Shosh and I took the older kids on a long (3 mile!) walk downtown. Sort of by accident. But eventually we made it to the movie theatre.

And then one of the highlights... Shosh and Adam treated the boys to their first ever visit to Legoland!

The visit was concluded with a wonderful time with all the cousins together with Nana.

We love you so much, Shosh, Adam and Jakson. Thank you for coming to visit us! We miss you!