Monday, November 30, 2015


Tonight was a special night for the Galotti family -- we put up the tree, it was our first real tree, and we also celebrated our beloved Justin's birthday. It was a sweet night of decorating, baking cookies, watching our favorite guy open presents, and then, if this weren't all enough, Justin decided to surprise the boys at the last minute by taking them to see the Holiday Train. Cause that's just the kind of Dad he is. They were already in bed, thinking he was coming to read them a story, and he whispered, "Hey, keep it quiet cause your little sister needs to go to sleep (she really did), but you boys follow me and get your coats on." They had a blast.

We all love you so much, Justin. You're the best man I know, and your birthday seems as good a time as any to publicly tell you so. xo