Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Despite it taking the little one pictured above quite a while to wake up on Christmas morning, it certainly wound up being a wonderful and, for the children and adults alike, magical Christmas! 

After tearing into their stockings (ones that magically changed from miniature on Christmas Eve to giant and full of toys and treats!), we enjoyed a leisurely Christmas breakfast, then more presents (mostly puzzles, books, and Lego for the kids), and a quiet afternoon of long walks outside and naps on the couch.

Christmas evening was maybe most wonderful of all. First we sang carols together, then my Dad read scripture to us and shared some reflections on our Saviour, then my mom did a book reading from her new book. Following this, Justin had Ella open the final door of our Advent Book, and he read the final passage. At the end of it all, Nat and Caiah made the most amazing Christmas dinner!

And so it is -- another year's over, and a new ones about to begin. 

I look through these pictures and am so thankful.

Dear Pop and Mom,
Thank you for making Christmas such a magical and special time! Thank you for loving your kids and grandkids so amazingly well. Thank you for being our friends, our example, our beloved parents.
We love you and give thanks for you! 


The week of Christmas began with two sister flying in from Hawaii! The kids were so excited to see their Aunts, and spent the first evening watching Christmas movies in our living room. We enjoyed time with friends here in the city -- and this was made particularly momentous by virtue of the fact that Justin cooked and Italian dinner for all of us -- first time cooking a non-bbq dinner for this guy. :) 

After a nights in Toronto, we visited our great aunt Tibbie, and then proceeded to drive east to enjoy a magical few days at the Farm. 


Below, Christmas Eve!

The stockings all hung by the chimney with care...


It was a sweet Advent season with our church family, and whether it was singing carols together at Christie Gardens, or listening to our little ones recite Scripture and sing while dressed as shepherds and angels, it was a time of anticipation and joy.