Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Thanksgiving colours are the best. Brown. White. Orange. Generally monochrome but with just a splash of colour. It makes decorating so fun.

I always start decorating for Autumn a little earlier than my family would like. While they're still clinging to summer, I'm totally ready for the transition into fall. But usually, by the time Thanksgiving actually rolls around, we're all ready for the pumpkins and cranberries.

This year, the kids and I went leaf-collecting in High Park and brought home some beautiful maple leaves and oak leaves.

As I scotch-taped these leaves to some stuff, I felt SO deliciously crafty (total fraud - I can't craft!) that I couldn't help but unashamedly brag to some of my truly-crafty-friends about my leaf-decorating. They were gracious about it. (You know who you are.)

The decorating for any season or holiday, fun as it is, would not be the same if there weren't people to invite over to share it with.

This Thanksgiving, we were blessed to be able to open our home to the Young Adults crew from our church.

In addition to the regular crew of 20-somethings from WTBC, the invitation was extended to some friends, and we wound up with quite the packed house. It was awesome.

Justin and I cooked a couple big birds, mashed some potatoes and cubed some bread for stuffing, and everyone else brought the rest.

There was quite a fun array of sides.

In between turkey and pie, and after a bunch of people spent some time outside, we gathered in the living room for a time of worship.

And dancing...

And reading...

And of course, some pie.
Even as I scrolled through these pictures just now, adding lighthearted little captions here and there, I'm humbled afresh at how incredibly blessed I am to have been given such friends and church family.