Friday, October 12, 2012


Thanksgiving at The Farm would not quite seem complete if it didn't include a short meander through the barnyard.

The presence of some cows made this particular barnyard stroll that much more exciting.

As you can see, 'exciting' is the right word.

The cows stared at us.

We stared at the cows.

They continued to stare.

More staring...

I'm mostly joking about the staring part. (Though cows do have such mournfully large brown eyes, eh? And we did actually spend quite a long time staring at them.)

The twenty minutes or so where we walked around this barnyard, looking at these cows, was possibly the most relaxing twenty minutes of the past month.

Unlike so many times when pictures have the ability to tranquilize real life, these moments in time actually were as peaceful as they look.

We kicked things up a notch with a riding lawn-mower. (Justin would be lying to you if he tried to tell you that he wasn't having a blast riding around on this lawn mower.)
A short barnyard stroll.

The perfect way to enter into a country Thanksgiving day.