Saturday, April 4, 2015


It's already been such a full and wonderful Easter weekend... and it's only Saturday morning! In many ways the best is yet to come, with the anticipation of Resurrection Sunday.

Though I didn't manage to get any pictures of our Good Friday service with New City Baptist in the morning, it was an awesome morning. Somber. Reflective. Joyful. Then we spent the day here at our place with the young adults crew from our church. Good Friday concluded downtown at Convocation Hall with another wonderful service. Great day!

This morning when the children woke up, we had an Egg Hunt here. As has become our Galotti family tradition, there were jelly beans hidden throughout the house, and then this year I created some hastily written clues and the kids followed them to find an outdoor hunt at the school playground around the corner from our home. When we arrived back home, they dug into their small baskets here, and opened cards from relatives.