Saturday, February 21, 2015


A few weeks before Jake's birthday, he and I were sitting together with a pencil, paper, and lots of birthday party ideas. First we started with the list of his friends. He's a blessed little guy with so very many friends from different circles in his life, so it was a long list! Then we planned out the menu and the games. Finally we talked about various loot bag options.

As the conversation wrapped up, Jake said to me, You know, Mom, what I'd actually love to do this year more than anything else? I'd love to go to Chuck E Cheese. Just our family. And then maybe go see a movie, too. Do you think we could it? So that was exactly what we did.

We're already planning to invite his buddies over soon for a casual pizza and movie night--not a party, just a time to hang together. But we spent his birthday night playing video games, eating pizza, and watching Paddington at the theater. (Or, as Jake likes to refer to the movies these days, At the Cinema watching a film.)

Our dear friends, the Clarys, live just around the corner from the Cinema, so we concluded Jake's birthday at their house singing to our big seven year old and eating cupcakes with friends. The day began at the crack of dawn opening birthday presents and eating blueberry pancakes. All in all, and according to Jake, it was a great birthday.

As a mother, one of my favorite moments of my children's birthdays is that first glimpse of them in the morning as a newly turned whatever-year-old, and watching their eager face as they come down the stairs. Below are the pictures from Jake's special day, beginning in the morning with presents and then with other festivities as the day unfolded.