Saturday, January 31, 2015


An ordinary moment on an ordinary afternoon. I happened to have my camera literally sitting right there, so I grabbed it and recorded it in pictures and now in words, too.

First, the context.

When Ella's older brothers have longer hair (they both have it buzzed rather short at the moment), they occasionally wet it with water and then spike it up in the middle. Grinning, and pretending they're crazy cool, they'll walk around with their hands in their pockets and stay stuff like, "Yo dude, I've got a mohawk." It's cute.

The other day I'm chopping away on the counter, preparing for dinner, with Ella perched up beside me on the counter. I hadn't noticed that she'd grabbed the spray bottle that is filled with water and brought it up there with her.

But then she started spraying her hair. And spiking it up in the middle like her brothers.

Then, with a cool, confident grin just like them, she looked at me and said, "Look, Mom. I made a hohock like Jake and Josh." After she said it she paused and I could tell she was thinking about what she'd just said, knowing that it somehow hadn't come out right. And in all fairness, it is a rather funny sounding word.

She tried again. "Not a hohock. A Cocock."

I smiled. No way was I helping her out with this one. This was way too fun.

She seemed happy with her second try and I thought she'd stick with calling this funky, spiked hairstyle a cocock. 

But about five minutes later, after much preening and spraying and spiking, she looked at me with a big, almost relieved, smile and said, "A mohawk, Mommy! A mohawk!"  

Oh Ella, I love going through my days with you, little one. You make me laugh throughout each day, and that is such a gift!And I love your hohock... I mean your cocock... I mean your mohawk!