Friday, August 29, 2014


The days are a little cooler, aren't they? The crispness of Fall is just around the corner. We can feel summer winding down, making way for Autumn.

For our family it's been a wonderful summer with lots of change and even some significant new beginnings. But in between packing up our previous house and moving into a new one, we also got to celebrate the beauty of a sister's wedding, enjoy Newfoundland for the first time, and spend time with many loved ones first in Yew York then in Ottawa then in Prince Edward Island. Between the blessed busyness of packing and travelling and vacationing, I also had a busted computer for the past month so I kind of wound up taking an unplanned blogging break. But now, before the summer concludes and a new season begins, I'm itching to get some pictures posted before they fade into the background and out of memory.

So here we go. The summer in pictures. I plan to post quite a few summer posts in the next couple days, get caught up, and be ready for a return to writing articles on here in September. Browsing through all these pictures quickly like this, I'm reminded afresh of what a wonderful summer it's been and I'm filled with thanks for the time we were able to spend with people we love in places we love.



After our time in New York the kids and I (yes, Justin was still in Toronto working on renovations in the new house) drove to the Ottawa Valley for a few days with my parents. The farm is such a peaceful, pastoral, relaxing setting. In addition to swimming in the pool, playing freely outdoors, trips to the barn with Grandpa, and lots of popcorn and movie nights, the highlight of our time there was the nightly bonfire and marshmallow roast out front. What are visits with grandparents for, if not to eat copious amounts of roasted marshmallows.

Nana and Grandpa, 
we love you so much and are so thankful that you love us too, 
and love having us come stay. We miss you both very much!

A little photo shoot with Nana and Grandpa. Lots of sweet though distracted pictures. Some silly pictures. 

But then, at last, a perfect one.