Monday, October 14, 2013


It was short but totally wonderful. A visit with sisters and parents on one of the most beautiful spots in the Ottawa Valley. I love this place in the fall. The only thing missing were a few people who we love dearly... The boys were missing their cousin and I was missing my sister.

 Nana made sure the leaves were kept on the lawn until we arrived so that the kids could rake and jump and rake and jump to their hearts content.


The best part (other than watching Ella daintily pick her nose while sitting in a pile of leaves) was getting to spend time with my two little sisters. (Wishing my big sister had been with us too!) My children are loved by their Aunts so incredibly well.

As always, my Mom made an amazing turkey dinner. So thankful for my parents.

 In addition to leaf raking and turkey eating, there were movies to be watched and pumpkins to be carved and walks to go on and cobs of corn to husk...
Since Ella's birthday is less than a week away (can't believe she's almost two!) we had a little party for here with the family.

Thankful for a wonderful couple days at The Farm.