Monday, October 14, 2013


For the past couple years, since we've had little ones, I've had Toronto friends mention to me how fun Whittamore's Farm is for children. I must admit that this little outing really did exceed our expectations. Between our good friends the Clarys and us, there are five children ranging in age from two to five, and our kids were the perfect age for the various "farm" attractions.

The attractions included a pumpkin patch, a couple of bouncy houses, a corn maze, a couple giant slides, a massive spider web, a huge tree house (also with a slide) a hay and wagon ride through a spooky forest, farm animals that we could feed, kid's tractors to ride around on, and, perhaps the highlight for the wee men, a cannon that shot pumpkins out of it. It's officially agreed that, at least for the next few years while the children are young, this should be an annual fall outing.