Tuesday, April 2, 2013


On Friday night as we drove home from the second worship service of the day, Jake asked, "Mom, you're going to put out jelly beans and chocolate eggs tomorrow morning, right?" Justin and I looked at each other. I had forgotten to purchase the candy, had kept meaning to, but all the stores were closed. "Uh, we should be able to work something out, buddy."

Early the next morning I made a quick stop to our local grocery store, with Justin promising to keep the kids upstairs until I got home and had time to lay things out.

Last minute or not, the kids had lots of fun searching for their 'eggs' and enjoying their hunt. Ella couldn't resist the candy at her fingertips and couldn't keep it out of her mouth. She was a sticky, drooly mess in no time. Jake was such an awesome big brother and made sure that his younger siblings got lots of candy in their baskets.