Thursday, February 14, 2013


My Mom always made the mornings of the special days of our lives so exciting. The night before was always full of anticipation because we knew that when we came downstairs, awaiting us at the kitchen table would be beauty of some kind.

Valentine's Day was no exception. I remember with such clarity and thanks all those homemade, lacy cards and gestures of love that my Mom spoke into our hearts during those growing up years. The mornings were always so magical.

I've tried to follow my Mom's example in this, and bake and decorate so that the morning holds a little bit of that same magic for my own three.

This morning the kids woke up to a kitchen full of red and white, with an abundance of hearts and sweets to be found.

People sometimes ask me why Josh always seems to be half-dressed in pictures. I'm sure it's a phase that will pass, but for the time being, he likes to sleep shirtless like his Daddy and he also loves the feel of his soft, brown blanket on his skin at night. So shirtless he has remained for many of the childhood morning pictures.

Sweet Ella was still asleep at this point, and didn't join us until a while later.

For Justin, I got him a gift that I knew would make his heartbeat speed up a little bit. Starbucks French Roast: Extra Dark. He knows that it's true sacrificial love on my part, that I insisted he take it to the church with him and have his favorite coffee at work for the next couple weeks.

The three little ones dressed in red, white and pink, ready for a day of parties and potlucks at school.

It's been a day full of red hearts and sweet hearts and way too much sugar.

But it's been sweet and lots of fun.
Happy Valentine's Day!