Wednesday, December 26, 2012


For so many of us, the most magical memories of Christmas are those first few minutes on Christmas morning when we would come downstairs and first find our stockings bulging to overflowing with various toys and treats. My Mom always did such an amazing job of making Christmas morning magical. Me and my sisters would often tiptoe downstairs in the middle of the night and just walk around in the twinkly glow of the Christmas lights, peeking at our stockings and wondering how we could possibly wait until morning.

I hope that for my own little ones, when they look back upon their Christmas mornings, they too will remember it as one of the most magical and lovely times of their childhood. Christmas Eve, after the kids went to bed, Justin and I put out their stockings, hanging the tiny little hand-knit socks onto the outside of the stuffed, huge ones.

My Mom always had fun and yummy things sticking out of the top. I can't help but do the same thing now that it's my turn to do the stuffing.

Jake was the first one awake and to come down the stairs.

He was delighted with what he found.

Though not impressed that he had to wait for his brother to awake before he could dig in.

"OK, buddy. Go ahead and pull out some candy and get started."

For quite a few minutes, it was just Jake and I, enjoying the early minutes of Christmas morning together.

Before long, Josh woke up too. Unfortunately for little Joshua, he began his Christmas morning by vomiting pure, dark chocolate. He had clearly eaten MUCH too much the night before, and his body felt the need to expel some of it.

After this unfortunate trip to the washroom, Justin carried him downstairs to join us.

He was already feeling a bit better, it seemed.

And of course, beholding a giant, stuffed stocking will perk up any three-year-old.

As I watched the boys begin to use their brand-new sling shots, I immediately began questioning my judgement in these cute little wooden stocking stuffers.


Fairly soon after, Ella awoke and joined in the fun.

It was a wonderful, magical Christmas morning.