Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have so many beautiful pictures and memories from the two weeks that our family spent in California. So many, in fact, that each time I've gone to create a post and share some pictures and stories, I'm overwhelmed - in a good way, I think - by the task.

But today, it's been a bunch of the little people in our New York family who have been on my mind. Today our beautiful niece, Eva, began Kindergarten. Tomorrow, Zachary and Jake both have their first day as well. Poor Josh, looking so little (and naughty!) in the picture below... he has to wait until next year. All day today he's been trying to convince me that he actually is four years old, and "Are you OK with it, Mama, if I go to kindergarten tomorrow too?" Sorry, little man. It's not your time.

During our time in Santa Cruz, it was such a blessing to see all these cousins loving each other and playing together and forming even closer friendships.


We miss you all very much.