Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thunderstorm Moments

There was an awesome thunderstorm tonight. Bellows of thunder. Flashes of lightning. Sheets of pouring rain. I love these kind of nights; wild outside, so cozy inside, warm with lamp light and candles.

The windows were open so that we could listen to the storm. After bedtime stories, singing and praying, Jake and I realized that he hadn't made one final stop at the potty, so down the stairs we went.

The lower level was quiet, dark. Jake and I opened the back door in our kitchen, which opens onto our back deck. I stood there with him in my arms, and we quietly watched and listened. There is something so glorious about thunderstorms. It's like we're able to behold a little of the power and majesty that we know comes from our Creator. The thunder, the lighting... it's His voice speaking to us, reminding us, beckoning us to worship. Jake and I are quiet, sharing this moment together.

I started singing to him, softly.

"O give to Jehovah you sons of the Mighty; Both glory and strength to Jehovah accord. O give to the LORD His name's greatness of glory. In splendor of holiness worship the Lord.

The voice of Jehovah resounds on the waters; The glorious God thunders forth from the height. The LORD is upon the great sweep of the waters, The LORD's voice in splendor, the LORD's voice in might."

And then we hear Justin calling for us to bring up some water. So we run the tap, fill a glass, and head back up stairs to join the rest of the crew. And just like that, the moment has passed.