Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Visit

We were so blessed these past few days to have Aunt Sarah, Grandma and Cousin Eva come for a short little visit. There is obvious sadness in living fairly far away from lots of our family, but the one advantage is that when we do see each other, the time together is really special and cherished. Ella Grace spent much of the past few days being cuddled and loved by her Grandma Morey and Aunt Sarah.

Lots of paper cutting went on. Fairly safe activity... except with Josh who still looks like he's going to snip off his finger tips every five seconds.

Jake and Eva are such good friends and really enjoyed doing the things of life (colouring, watching movies, cutting and gluing... that kind of 'life stuff') beside each other.

We spent one sunny April morning at the High Park Zoo together. Justin clearly loving the llamas...

Ella Grace. Sporting a new hat from Uncle Adam and Aunt Brittany!

Three of the cousins. Distracted.

Father and son. Also distracted.

Watching the adorable baby Barbary lambs. (Baby lambs is probably redundant.)

In addition to watching perhaps a little too much Berenstein Bears, the kids also spent lots of time reading with Grandma. We're so thankful for family who love us and share their lives with us, in whatever way we all can with the distance that separates us all. It was a wonderful visit, and like always, I just find myself so thankful for my in-laws who love my kids and our family so incredibly well.
"we love you! we miss you!"