Monday, June 27, 2016


(The school year has flown by and we find ourselves delighting in the early days of summer. This past year has been an adjustment for me as I've juggled the joys and responsibilities of home life, ministry life, and also working everyday. I wouldn't change a thing and am so thankful for the good things that have made this past year a busy season in our home. But I did struggle to find time to update pictures and share memories through this blog. Right now as I enjoy the flexibility of summer, I'm going to aim for a rapid fire update on here, and remember some highlights of the past few months before they're entirely forgotten.) 

This blog is both my journal and my photo album, and it sure has been sparse recently. But summer is here - time to play a little catch up and think back to some family fun over the past few months.


Over March Break we enjoyed a couple days away up in Northern Ontario with some of our dearest friends. Not only were we thankful for their hospitality and time to spend with them away from the bustle of Toronto, but it was a unique season to be up north as we almost watched winter melt into spring while we were there.