Sunday, October 18, 2015


October has been a whirlwind. A wonderful whirlwind. But a whirlwind nonetheless. 

One of the the implications has been that the birthday pictures that I would normally carefully, and painstakingly, take for both of my October babies has been much more along the lines of an on-our-way-somewhere photo shoot to capture these little faces before they grow a day older. And today, with Ella, was no different. 

As we drove home from lunch at our friends' home, and before a few of her classmates came over for a small, casual party, we pulled into the parking lot at the Humber River and I snapped these pictures of this precious little one.

4 years old.

How is it possible that this baby girl of mine is 4 years old?

I loved her at 3, and I can already tell that I love her as a 4 year old. Life is a gift. Each day is a gift. And, albeit imperfectly, I'm going to delight in and relish each day as it comes.

Dear Ella Grace,

Honestly, wee one, I can't imagine life with out you. 
My little girl.
You are feisty and funny.
You are smart and daring.
You are also gentle and kind.
You are beautiful and sweet.
And we love you.
All of us.
Daddy and I, and your brothers, too.

Happy Birthday, Ella.
We love you.