Tuesday, July 14, 2015


A couple weeks ago we enjoyed a short but wonderful time away with the Bells and the Clarys. When we first pulled up to the Browns' home, Starcrest, I said to Justin that it felt like we were pulling up to a quaint country Bed and Breakfast. In many ways it felt like that throughout our stay, and Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Jill's parents, were the most loving and welcoming hosts.

We roasted marshmallows. 

We enjoyed an opportunity to see the place where our dear friend, Jill, grew up. Like her Mom, she's a fabulous host!

Mrs. Brown had a surprise for the children. In the terracotta pot below, Mrs. Brown explained to the gathered children that there was some dirt that Uncle John was going to eat.

The kids were a combination of horrified and skeptical that John would do such a thing. 

Some of the children even covered their faces, horrified as John cheerfully agreed to such a thing. 

But there he stood, smiling, reaching for his bowl of dirt.

The children were amazed. 
And disgusted.

And then delighted to find out that the dirt was actually a chocolate pudding that they all could share!

Later on we enjoyed a candlelit dinner in the screened-in porch, with the background music of Bach and pouring rain. 

The next morning the kids enjoyed cartoons in bed, then a restful morning until we made our way to a nearby beach.

In addition to eating "dirt", John really did swallow live minnows that the children caught. He's an impressive fellow.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, for hosting us in your beautiful home. 
It was a wonderful time! 
When can we book our next visit? :)