Sunday, October 5, 2014


On birthday mornings kids always wake up early, it seems. So on October 2nd, long before the sun rose, this little guy along with his two sibling made his way downstairs and awaiting him was this: balloons, gifts, and a stack of cards from aunts and uncles and grandparents all over. It was a perfect birthday morning. (Ella and Justin were present and excited as Josh tore through this pile of gifts... they were just sleepily sitting off to the side together.)

Two days following his birthday, we welcomed the cutest pirates, birds, superheroes, princesses, mermaids and fairys that I've ever seen. Though not without some rather chaotic moments, it was a super fun party.

The picture above is the cake that our dear friend made for this guy. (The context for this Darth Vader cake is that, a little over a week ago, Josh had said to me that something he'd been dreaming about for a really, really long time was having a Darth Vader cake but that, "I know you probably can't do that. Only cupcakes. And that's okay, Mom." Of course hearing him say that not only melted my heart but made me want to help his dream come true. The cake that my friend made was not only perfect, but delicious!

In the picture below, Josh caught his first glimpse of this surprise Darth Vader cake. I think the words his jaw dropped are appropriate. :)

After some good old fashioned party games, pizza and cupcakes, we made our way outside and, though it was a tad cold, had a great time with the Pinata!

With much thanks to our friends, old and new, for making it such a great 5th birthday party for Josh!