Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It's hard to believe that another school year is drawing to a close. Even though we're so excited for the upcoming weeks of summer holiday, there's always something a little bit bittersweet about the marked passing of time as a school year comes to an end. For our family, this year, the bittersweet quality is all the more pronounced since we will be saying goodbye to the amazing community of Indian Road Crescent Public School. We are so thankful for the staff and faculty of this school, and will remember these early years of school with such sweetness and fondness.

Below, their wonderful principal, who knew both boys by name before they even started kindergarten. She's been a wonderful leader in this school, and we give thanks for her.

We're also so thankful for the boys' teachers this year. Jake, with Ms. Vandermeer, and Josh, with Ms. Maddison.

And of course, such a central part of life for me and Ella has continued to be Ms. Lesley in the Parenting Centre. Since Ella and I will be back next year, this is only goodbye for the summer. 

Below are some pictures of what Jake and Josh do every day after school: pick up soccer with a bunch of their buddies. 

Below are the pictures from Jake's Sr. Kindergarten Graduation this morning. It was such a sweet time of celebration