Thursday, January 2, 2014


To call this post a 'hodge-podge' is quite precise. But... it's a hodge-podge of wonderful little festive moments with people we love.

Every year before Christmas, we hop on the subway with the kids and take them downtown to see the Christmas displays in the Bay St. windows. Part of this tradition involves meeting up with their beloved Aunt Caiah. This year it was fun to have David join us too!


Jake had a Christmas guitar recital. He was lovely. And, though he played so quietly that we could barely hear him, Good King Wenceslas has never sounded more beautiful. :)

One of the highlights of the holidays is brunch at the Massons. There's nothing like a crackling fire, good food, and dear friends that you've known since you were five years old. Though we were sad to miss some of the crew this year, it was still a wonderful time.

To finish off this little holiday hodge-podge, some pictures with some dear friends and... one crazy little one of Ella.
This picture above is Ella, on the night that we went with our church to a Seniors Residence to sing Christmas carols to them. Ella pulled out her pigtails, and, with truly wild hair, danced and sang her way through the evening. She made many people smile that night. Including me.