Friday, October 18, 2013


We can’t imagine what the Galotti Family would be like without her. She’s our smart, spunky, sweet, adorable, daring, cuddly baby girl.

At lunch today Justin asked me what’s my favourite thing about Ella. Though it was hard to pick a favorite because there are so many things about her that I love, my eventual answer was how incredibly funny she is. She loves to make people laugh. She has brought so much laughter and joy to our home. 

Yesterday afternoon at the playground, Ella was about twenty-five feet away from me and I beckoned her over, calling, “Ella, come give Mommy a kiss.” Her face lit up in a smile and she puckered her lips into a sweet little pre-kiss formation while she ran joyfully across the sand towards my outstretched arms. When she reached me, she paused before leaning in for a kiss and then, smiling a gleeful smile, she suddenly stuck out her tongue at me and blew a raspberry. Ella and I both burst out laughing at this and, being the bigger and stronger of the two of us, I grabbed her close in a hug and kissed her impish, naughty face anyway.

That is our Ella. She is sweet. She is spunky. 
Today she is two years old. 

Dear Ella Bella,
We love you so much and give thanks to God for your life. These past two years have been such a gift. You, our sweet baby girl, are such a gift. We pray every day that God would bless you and keep you and one day give you a new birth and a new heart that trusts in Jesus. 
Happy Birthday, sweetheart! 
You are so loved.