Thursday, September 5, 2013


Like so many other parents out there, Justin and I watched our little guy head off to his first day of school today. There is always such a bittersweet quality to these moments in life: sweet, because we are brimming with thanks that our child has grown and is ready for this new season; sad, because the days of him being a little preschooler are forever gone. But we rejoice. And we give God thanksgiving for giving us our little Joshua James Galotti.

After breakfast, Josh and I headed outside for a quick photo shoot. I want to remember this day. 

In the picture underneath, Josh looks absolutely innocent and adorable. But I know better... I know this is the moment when he was not-so-subtly saying, "Mom, enough! Enough pictures. I'm going back in the house!"  Those eyes, though...

For the past couple weeks, Jake has been such an amzing big brother, and has been encouraging and preparing his little brother for the "first day!"

"Josh, you will be excited and maybe a little bit scared too. But that's OK. There's nothing to be scared about." OR "Josh, I will be in the classroom right beside you. We'll be so close!" OR "Josh, just obey your teacher and be kind to the other kids and everything will be great!" 

Walking into the school yard, Jake took Josh's hand. In they marched, side by side. 

And then it all happens so quickly. The bell rings. They line up. Josh smiles back at me for one final picture. I grab him for one final kiss. And off he goes...

He loved his first day. And one of us shed a few tears... but it wasn't him.
Dear Josh,

Daddy and I love you so very much. You are a gift to us. A treasure. You bring joy and laughter wherever you go; may that part never change. We are praying that your life in school, this year, and in the years ahead, will be full of learning and growth and maturing; we are praying that you will continue to develop your skills and use the wonderful, imaginative mind that God has given you; we are praying that, more and more, you will continue to grow into a boy who is kind and loving to those around you. Most of all, as we think about your life on this day, your first day of school, we pray that God would save you and give you a heart that has faith in Jesus. More than all the school and all the athletics and all the other blessings in this world, we pray God would give you the gift of faith.

We love you, Josh.