Monday, July 1, 2013


A first year of school, come and gone. It was a wonderful year. Each day, Jake was so excited to go to school to see his teacher and classmates. We are so thankful for the public education system in Ontario, and specifically for the staff and faculty of our local school, IRC.

Ms. Kennedy, Jake's first teacher, was beloved by the whole class. We are so thankful for a teacher who taught with passion and energy each day, and who nurtured and loved the students in her care.

Teacher Lesley is as wise as she is warm, and I'm so thankful for these past three years that I've been blessed to know her and take my little ones to the Parenting Centre at IRC.

Since Josh was 3 months old he's been attending the PC with me, and Lesley is more beloved than she'll likely ever know. Josh spent hours upon hours of his preschool years learning from Lesley, or holding her hand as they walked down the hall to the gym together. 

Next year, Josh will be off to Jr. Kindergarten so it'll just be Ella and I coming to spend our mornings with Lesley.

Our family has truly been blessed with excellent, nurturing teachers.