Sunday, July 14, 2013


As a parent, we’re given a front row seat for the various childhood phases that our children so quickly pass through. Particularly in their early years of toddlerhood, it seems that little people try out a new word, or a new way of interacting, and then just as quickly as this new word or mannerism becomes delightfully expected, the toddler discards it for something new.

Sweet moments and joyful memories that linger for a while, but then all too quickly fade as life continues on and new funny habits replace the old.

Ordinary moments that bring such joy.

At just over 1.5 years, our baby girl, Ella, is a tiny thing with big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and soft, golden ringlets framing a beautiful little face. She’s an awesome person.

Funny and smart. Adorable and cuddly. Assertive and outspoken.

Yes, as the baby girl of two older brothers she is definitely assertive and makes her requests loudly known. When Ella is squawking in protest about some thing or another, I will say to her, “Ella, gentle and meek. Gentle and meek.” Invariably she’ll stop yelling or screeching, walk over to me with outstretched arm and, gazing up into my face, she'll gently and lovingly cradle my face with the palm of her hand.

My heart melts.

I love how self-assured and vocal she is, and hope that never changes! But I love, too, her sweet little demonstration of being “gentle and meek.”

For a tiny tot, Ella has a surprisingly low, alto voice. Recently, in response to questions that would typically produce an answer of either yes or no, Ella has started responding by saying, “Sure.” But it’s not just a childlike, babyish sounding “sure.” It’s this deep, measured, unbearably adorable “sure.”

“Ella, would you like a drink?”


“Ella Bella, should Mommy get you a snack?”


“Ella, shall we go get your brothers?”


I love it! And I know it will pass so quickly. Before I know it, she’ll discard this wonderful habit of saying “sure” and something new will come along. So for now, I suppose all I can do is enjoy my little toddler, and occasionally jot things down so I don’t forget all the delicious details.