Friday, September 21, 2012


Our boys got their first taste of an amusement park along the Santa Cruz boardwalk. We spent an evening there, and all four of the older cousins were completely thrilled with the rides. (Some of the adults, on the other hand, were a little nauseous after chaperoning the children on them.)

One of the fun moments of this trip was when we decided, spur of the moment, that all the parents were going to ditch our kids for a few minutes and go on an adult roller coaster. It was five minutes before closing, and the attendant told us to forego buying tickets and simply go on the ride before we missed it. Within moments, we all un-leashed ourselves from the kids, threw them at poor Sheila and Sarah, and dashed toward the roller coaster. But... it was so much fun.

Below is a picture of Zack, Josh and Jake waiting for their first ride. So excited. So intense.

Sweet little Ainsley.

We also spent a day, as a group, up in San Francisco.

The Morey Family.

Me and Ella.

Lunch down at Fishermans Wharf. More chowder in sour dough bowls. So yummy. 

The whole crew. (Minus me.)

The baby girls.

This is supposedly a picture of the streetcar... but somehow I wind up looking only at Justin every time I look at this picture.

Union Square, to finish off the day.

 Back at the house in Santa Cruz, the cousins all had such an amazing time with each other. We were so thankful and blessed to see the friendships that are developing between these guys.


More playing.

An artichoke appetizer.

Adam, in the kitchen doing some cooking. On our last night in Santa Cruz, he cooked a marinara clam sauce that Justin says I "have" to get the recipe for. (Adam? Recipe please?)

Smores and campfires.