Thursday, July 5, 2012


What better way to spend a hot and humid day than with good friends, keeping cool in some water. We hit up the Toronto Zoo's Splash Pad which is, for kids, a dream-come-true. For kids.

For two mothers of three kids each... the enjoyment was in watching their enthused faces. I think Stacey and I both spent much of this splash pad experience suppressing feelings of unease (panic!) that surfaced each time a kid (usually Josh) went off in a different direction.

The kids had a blast. There were various huge slides.

Animals spraying water. 

Bridges to carefully cross.

Baby sisters to hug.

Slides to get stuck in.

After the zoo, we hit up the beach.

Before my little ones and I left, we were told by two wonderful little Freeman girls that we really should move to Pickering so that we could play with them all the time.

Thanks for an awesome day, guys!