Saturday, June 30, 2012


With so much of our family spread around the world, we are so thankful that the kids have one Aunt who lives here in the city. Aunt Caiah. The boys rarely use the word 'Aunt' when referring to her; she's just Caiah. And they adore her. Caiah always told me that if she had a little girl niece, she would feel compelled to buy her tons of sparkly pink things with lots of sequins and feathers and marabou. Before Ella joined the family, I recall Caiah asking me at what age a baby girl could start wearing stiletto heals. With a small amount of relief I can say that Ella has yet to receive a pink-sparkly-sequin-adorned dress or a top with a marabou-lined neckline. She has, however, been the happy recipient of quite a number of cute little H&M rompers. "In 2012 every baby girl needs rompers!"

A couple weeks back, Aunt Caiah joined us for our first afternoon at the Toronto Sunnyside Beach. Minimal pollution. Tons of fun.

We love you so much, Caiah.