Monday, June 25, 2012


Over four years have passed since I first met this little boy of mine. Hard to believe. 


We’re now in the final week of school, and on our way home from the Parenting Centre with Josh and Baby Ella in the stroller, Jake on his bike, we pause as we walk past the Kindergarten dismissal yard. Jake hops off his bike and I kneel down beside him so that our faces are side by side as we watch the students heading home.

I glance over at his eager little face, watching his unmistakable interest in the scene in front of us. "A couple months and that will be you, kiddo." He's heard this before."I know, Mom." I continue with the explanation, even though it's a repeat. "I’ll be standing here at the gate like all these other parents, waiting for you." 

We’ve already had this conversation, but he still asks a couple of pragmatic questions. Will Josh and Ella be with me? What if he doesn’t see me right away?

Genuine curiousity prompts what I’m about to ask: "Jake, when you’re in school, do you think you’ll miss me or be sad? Or do you think you’ll just love being with a new teacher in a new class?" His face is still towards the school yard in front of us. "Mom. I will love it. I can’t wait." This is good. I’m glad. I’m thankful he’s nothing but excited. And yet… Almost like he’s heard my thoughts, he turns his face to mine and says “Mom. You know what? I will love it, and I won’t be sad, but I WILL really miss you. And when I’m at school I will make you things and bring them home for you."

I hear his words of reassurance and I can’t help but wonder which one of us isn’t yet ready for the change that September will bring.