Sunday, April 8, 2012

Egg Hunt

With three little ones, and with Justin generally heading to the church quite early, Sunday mornings tend not to be the best morning to plan relaxed family time. So this year we decided to have a special Easter breakfast followed with a little egg hunt for the boys on Saturday morning instead.
As we were finishing up breakfast, we listened to Justin read to us the resurrection account from the Gospel of Luke. As a rule, with a ridiculously active little two-year-old, these 'peaceful family readings' need to be kept fairly brief or Josh loses his mind with impatience. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful, peaceful, brief morning in our sunny little kitchen.
After breakfast we headed outside of an egg hunt! So easy to prepare, and such fun for little ones. (Josh kept repeating a refrain from one of his favorite books, and excitedly kept telling us "I'm going on a bear hunt!" instead of 'egg hunt'.)