Friday, March 9, 2012

Josh and the Butter

There are so many things about two-year-old Joshua that bring laughter and delight. He’s one of those kids with a charming, funny way about him. Often, after he’s done something particularly naughty (and this is no rare occurrence) I find myself having to turn my face away or bury it in my hands so that Josh can’t see the huge smile that I’m desperately trying to keep from escalating into a laugh.

The combination of his gigantic eyes, crazy long eye lashes, chubby cheeks, raspy voice, and unabashed honesty about his little wrongdoings make it hard to remain appropriately serious and firm. And he’s also tremendously penitent. I doubt that his sorrow runs very deep, and I KNOW that it doesn’t lead to angelic behaviour, and yet whenever he’s caught in the act of some form of misbehaving or another, he’ll gesture towards me with his fat little hands, palms up as though pushing against the coming reprimand, and his raspy voice will testify to his remorse. “I’m sorry! I’m SO sorry! Are you going to show me grace, Mama?” (Yes. He really asks that. At two-years-old. The reason why he asks this is clearly the topic of another post.)

Justin told me that yesterday he walked into the kitchen and Josh had climbed up onto the counter, found the butter dish (softened to room temperature like true Canadians!), and smeared it all over his eyes. When Justin asked him, incredulous, why he had done it, Josh responded “Because I like it.” We both got a good chuckle about it last night, never imagining for a moment that this might be an issue that would need to be dealt with ever again. Today we’re all playing in the living room, Josh saunters into the kitchen, all is VERY quiet… When I go to check on him mere moments later, there he sits, big grin, butter coating his left eye. “Why, Josh? Why would you do this?” Same response. Because he likes to. I don’t know, maybe we’ll start keeping the butter in the fridge or something.